Thursday, March 10, 2016

11 Music Making Websites! (February 22 2016)

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​2. Virtual Piano:

Play piano online with your keyboard.

3. Pulsate:

Click anywhere to create circles, once they bounce with each other it will create a sound.

​4. Tonewheels:

Each time the wheel touches the orbs it will play a sound.

5. Button Bass:

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​6. Sequence:

Already covered in: Things To Do Online #18 -- DONG!.

7. Record Tripping:

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8. Incredibox:

Already covered in: Things To Do Online #18 -- DONG!.

9. Typatone:

Each letter has a tone, once you complete the message it will play it.

​10. Sampulator:

You can play with your keyboard, hi-hats, bass drum, snare, claps, guitar, conga, etc.

​11. Noisli:

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12. Nicky's Sampulator:

Sampulator song made by Nicky from the YT DONG channel.