Monday, March 8, 2021

Quick Update

Real quick update, guys.

It has taken a while of trying different things since I posted the poll. None of them had worked so far until an idea hit me:

Who knows more about DONGs than you guys?

I'm leaving this new poll open for you to submit your weird and fun websites, I'll pick 5 of them each week and that'll become the new "BONG" starting March 29th. Also, you'll be credited if your website is picked.

Requirements (All of this should be pretty common sense):
No spam
No malicious content
No pay-to-play games
No extreme gore
No pornographic content

Note: I'll still try to catch up with the latest posted Vsauce's DONGs as 22% of you guys still want that content and I won't let you hanging.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Renewing the site survey

Hi, Guys! It's been a while.

So obviously a lot has changed and DONG changed with it, for starters the official series is called D!NG now.

One of the main reasons the website hasn't been updated is because Vsauce's focus changed, suddenly DONG wasn't about websites or fun things to do online so honestly I did lose interest and noticed that a lot of you too (at least that's what I think). So I'm looking for ways to renew the website and I'd like your suggestions.

Should I update the site to include the last released episodes which featured the fun websites?

Should I include the D!NG episodes that talk about experiments?

It's up to you! I'd greatly appreciate if you fill this survey with your thoughts.

Thanks to all of you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Would You Let Him In? -- DONG (January 20 2017)

1. I am Awesome:

Now go get 'em, tiger.

​2. Grammar Games:

This website is full of exercises that teach you about commas, apostrophes and all of that good stuff.

3. Sven the Bouncer:

You must answer three questions correctly so that Sven lets you in.  (Chrome required).

4. 14 Highest Mountains:

We are given the 14 highest mountains, with trivia and the most common routes to climb them.

5. Klocki:

A puzzle game where you try to connect lines by swapping the squares.

​6. Satellite's Orbiting Earth:

Interactive graphic of every active satellite orbiting earth.

​7. Browser Ball:

You can throw this ball across every window you create.

​8. Water Simulation:

Water simulation that lets you change some settings and manipulate the ball, you need a good graphic card.

9. Path Tracing:

Another simulation by the same creator, in which you can control the light source, the material of the objects and the objects in the room.

​10. Jellyfish Particles:

​​​Just a Jellyfish simulation...