Friday, January 9, 2015

Control This Robot RIGHT NOW! -- DONG (December 2 2013)

1. Food Timeline:

"Uncover the origins of pretty much every food."

2. Find the Invisible Cow:

"It's kind of like the game of hot and cold, pretty funny."

3. Minecraft Text Generator:

"Customize your text with the Minecraft font."

4. Sid Robot:

"Sid is a Robot you control in Real Time using your computer, pick up the ball and score points by dropping it into the correct holes."

5. Waiting in Line 3D:

"Where you wait in line and punch yourself in the face to keep you awake."

6. Many Lines:

"Just random art creator by following your mouse."

7. Toddler or Modern Art?:

"You decide if the art shown was created by an adult artist or by a child."

8. Street Photography in Grand Theft Auto V:

"Artist Fernando Gomez goes around Los Santos taking pictures of random scenarios."

9. Explore Middle Earth:

"You can explore almost all of the map of Middle Earth, following your favorite characters and playing minigames in the way."

10. Corn Maze:,-113.731659,3a,75y,239.05h,95.04t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1svyJXq4flWiYAAAQIt_OasA!2e0!3e2

"Wander off into this corn maze using Google Street View."

11. Emergency Yodel Button:

"Already covered in: From: "How Many 5 Year-Olds Could You Fight? -- And 18 Other DONGs!"."

12. Hotline Trail:

"Try and control your vehicle on a road that grows in random directions and blurs."

13. What Side of The Road:

"In case you were wondering on what side of the street people in Cote d'lvoire drive."

14. Accelerator:

"A fast-pace game where your speed increases with the more obstacles you dodge."

15. Leaf on the Wind:

"A fun little game that has you gliding across the screen collecting green orbs."

16. Steam Gauge:

"Calculate how much your steam library is worth."

17. How Much Companies Make in a Second:

"Just so you are aware of the great fortunes made."

18. Mathigon:

"It's an incredibly cool interactive e-book that presents some of the most interesting mathematical ideas."

19. Pizzarithmetic:

"Tells you how many pizzas to order depending on the number of guests."

20. Dictionary Definition Pick Up Lines:

"Ladies, contain your orgasms."

21. GIF Dance Party:

"Add multiple gifs, change the background or the music."

22. Find Your Pokemon:

"It assigns a Pokemon based on your name."

23. Guess Your Number:

"The site will always guess the number you're thinking of."

24. 10 Game:

"Combine the different numbers to create a lot of 10's."

25. RobinWords:

"Change one letter in the 4-letter word to create another, then the computer does the same."

26. Noisli:

"So you can create some peaceful background music."

27. Cache Monet:

"The weird part of the internet."

28. Not Even Doom Music:

"Already covered in: BONG #2 "5 Weird sites on the Internet"."

29. I Speak of Cake:

"Epic Box ."

30. Spin:

"The weird part of the internet, again."

31. Miley's Twerkball:

"You have to juggle a ball with miley's twerk skills."

32. Dogs in Bee Costumes:

"Pretty Self-explanatory."

33. Windoge 8:

"Much improve. so amaze. wow."

34. Oonce:

"Much house, wow. Sorry still stuck with doge."

35. Famous Guns:

"This gallery shows you the guns that famous characters are identified for using."

36. Your Logical Fallacy Is:


"I don't even understand the site."