Monday, February 12, 2018

DONG Delivery! -- DONG (January 13 2017)

Site that shows you the three primary colors of this model, in case you forgot.

​2. Ringing Telephone:


3. I Can't Sleep:

This site will help you counting sheep so you can sleep.

4. Rafaël Rozendaal:

Websites made by the same artist, DONGs 2, 5 and 6 of this list were created by him.

5. Egg Alone:

This egg scales to the size of your browser window.

​6. Almost Calm:

The gradient rotates with your mouse.

​7. Mystery Search:

When you press search, you'll be taken to Google but it searches what the last person searched for.

​8. Ice Lolly:

You are in a virtual plane looking out the window, you have to guess where in the world you are.

9. Up to Tab:

Use the space bar to collect tabs and avoid ads and videos because they use RAM, you'll upgrade your browser as you advance.

​10. DNA Extraction:

​​​This interactive guide teaches you how to collect DNA from a person.

​11. Compare Height:

This site helps you compare up to six people's height so you can compare how they would look standing next to each other.

​12. Finding Strengths Test:

84 questions to find out what are your strengths and weaknesses.

​13. Bezier Curves:

DONG already covered in: Printable Paper! -- DONG.

​14. NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio:

​​​This website shows you different phenomenons in a kind-of-interactive way like moon phases, solar eclipses, etc.

​15. Helioviewer:

It's an open-source website offering solar data, videos and images from whatever time you choose.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Yeah Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - DONG (January 6 2017)

1. Broken Self:

A site that will show you how I feel.

​2. Moon Phases:

Explore the moon phase and libration in the year 2017 on this NASA website, enter the month date and time.

3. Art Map:

Art pieces grouped by visual similarity.

4. Photography Mapped:

The goal of this website is to teach you how camera settings work by using a simulation.

5. Asmr Generator:

You can listen to soothing sounds like leaves blowing in the wind, rain or fire crackling.

​6. Clubber Toy:

Press any number from 1-9 for a visual change.

​7. Name Combiner:

Input the names of your choice and the site will show some combinations you can make with them.

​8. Maze Cheese:

Steer around the maze using your arrow keys where you need to collect all the cheese by using the mouse houses as portals.

9. Yeah Boiiiiii:

It's kind of like the "No internet" Google dinosaur game but cooler.

​10. Cranky Crabs:

​​​Hit the crabs with your yo-yo while avoiding the fruits and collecting power-ups.

200 VIDEOS (January 13 2012)

1. Restart Page:

Click one of the dialog boxes and your browser will simulate the desired restart screen.




3. Perfect Eyesight:
How accurately can you click in the exact right spot?

4. First hour of MTV:


Playlist that shows the complete first hour of MTV.

5. CGPGrey's Favorite Videos:​

CGP Grey's 30 favorite videos playlist.

​6. Game Show Fails:​



​7. 911 calls, explosions, apple ads, and 2012:



​8. 28 Video Game System commercials IN ORDER:

This is pretty awesome, in chronological order from 1973 to 2011.

9. Nuclear blasts in order of yield:​

7 Nuclear explosions ordered by explosive yield.

​10. Driving Videos:​

​​​If you want to relax you can watch these videos of driving around.

​11. Maddog53 covers his favorite videos of 2011:




Michael's playlist that shows what humans are capable of.

​13. EPIC MUSIC playlist:

Epic Orchestral Music.

​14. Sword DANCING:​

Video of a girl dancing with a sword.

​15. Huge tetris:​

Huge tetris screen with very small pieces. This is pretty ridiculous, I didn't even show the whole page.

​16. Make your own word tag pictures:

​​Give it a word or an image and the site will compose it from other words, not pretty good.