Monday, January 16, 2017

Glitch Yourself! -- DONG (November 11 2016)

1. Annoying Cursor:

Enter the website and move your cursor around.

​2. Forest of All the World’s Trees:

Digital exploration of a sculpture made with 10,000 tree species samples, you can click each sample and see its details.

3. Word Association Net:

Really cool way to know the definition of a word and other words related to it.

4. Get Mosh:

Allow your webcam and press the button, each time you'll get a different random effect.

5. Cool Math:

Website with a bunch of cool games, in this one navigate through a path until you reach the goal.

​6. Snake Game:

Don't you sometimes feel nostalgic? You can now play the good-old game on your browser.

​7. Trippy Snake:

Do you want something trickier and modern? This snake game features a moving light source to make it more difficult to identify where you are.

​8. Prisoner's Dilemma:

You're playing against a anonymous entity named Serendip, each of you has 2 options, to cooperate or to compete in order to get the most amount of gold coins that you can.
If both cooperate: +3 coins for each.
If only one competes: +5 for the one who competed and 0 for the one who didn't.
If both compete: +1 for each.

9. Monsters:

Click on the monsters to make them go back under the furniture and try to sleep until morning.

​10. Hex Game:

Puzzle game where you drag the pieces so you can complete a full line to make it disappear, kind of like Tetris but with hexagonal shapes.

Monday, January 9, 2017

How Do I Look? -- DONG (November 4 2016)

1. Opera pigs:

Swine at the opera.

​2. Virtual Makeup:

Ever wanted to test some makeup or a hairstyle before doing it for real, now you can with this website.

3. Emotion Reader:

Alice is an AI that is learning to recognize emotions on faces, you can draw any type of face and she'll tell you the emotion that represents, if she's wrong you can select the correct emotion and press the Train button to store it in the database.

4. Animal Orchestra:

Bernie Krause is a musician that has been compiling sounds around the world, listen to the different sounds depending on the landscape that you choose.

5. Tilt:

Cool puzzle game where you have to get your tiles to their respective color.

​6. G-kak:

Cool 3D-ish game where you have to manipulate a cube inside another cube (cubeception) in order to reach the target.

​7. Keep Out:

Really cool 3D game, it reminds me of old Zelda, you have to make your way out of a dungeon by fighting monsters, getting keys and looting treasures.

​8. Swarmation:

I... I don't have anyone to play with. This game has you forming shapes with other people that are playing online, you have to work as a team to form the shape before the time runs out.

9. Stroop Effect Test:

Have you ever played this? It's this little mind game where you have to read aloud the colors of the words, not the words themselves and you can time it, it's kind of hard.

​10. 100 Most Common Words:

In this game you have 5 minutes to guess the top 100 most common english words, it's really hard, harder if english is not your main language 😕.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What's the Difference? -- DONG (October 21 2016)

1. Rock Paper Scissors:

Wanna play the old game but don't have anyone to play with?

​2. Difference Between:

Covers a wide range of topics to know what separates 2 things from each other.

3. Retro Type Generator:

Pick a background, text style and write whatever you want with an 80's vibe

4. Wait But Why:

Puts time in perspective.

5. Netflix Time Calculator:

You give it series you want to watch and it'll tell you how much time you need to watch it back to back.

​6. Virtual Dominoes:

The site where you can virtually play with dominoes.

​7. Send Paper Planes to People:

You can digitally throw a paper airplane using your phone, and can catch other airplanes.

​8. World of Oil:

You can learn all about the oil industry, all around the world and across time.

9. Comet Viewer:

Displays 67p from the Jupiter family so you can watch it up close and explore its regions.

​10. Play With A Spirit:

Beautiful display that you can move around the screen and you can change different characteristics of it.