Friday, July 26, 2013

Things To Do Online #18 -- DONG! (November 8 2011)

1. Super Cuts:

"Compilation of videos where a specific thing is done like, deaths of a certain actor, a cliché in movies, etc."

2. Winter going to every Starbucks:

"This guy's goal is to visit every single starbucks in the world."

3. Depict1:

"The narrator lies to you and you have to disobbey, awesome game."

4. Level Editor:

"You have limited time to build the level and complete it."

5. Epic Rail:

"You have to switch rail paths in order to send trains in the right direction, while keeping them from colliding."

6. Baloon tower defense games:

"Cool tower defense game."

7. Rainy Mood:

"A relaxing site of continous rain noise."

8. WubMachine:

"The site does its best to make any song you drag in a remix."

9. Ron Winter Drums:

"The keyboard controls a lot of sound of percussion."


"You can drag a bunch of guys to make your own acappella song." 

11. Seaquence:

"You create small creatures with waveforms and they will compose a symphony."

12. Ambigram maker:

"This website makes ambigrams, figures that are one thing from one angle but a different thing from another angle."

13. LONG STUFF: http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuf...

"This website shows the longest of everything, book, song, moonwalk, etc."

14. TehN1ppe's Channel:

"He loops simple images and sounds over and over again to create 10 hours long videos, pretty cool."