Sunday, March 6, 2016

12 EVIL Computer Pranks! (February 17 2016)

1. FakeUpdate:

Different Update screens that you can choose from to make believe that the computer is updating or crashed.

​2. The Most Amazing Website On The Internet:

Just like the old days of the internet.

3. CursorDisco:

Your victim will come back to find their computer has thrown a party in their absence.

​4. Republique Des Mangues:

Nothing to do here.

5. LikeCreeper:

It requires your victim to be logged in to Instagram and then it will like random old photos from their friends.

​6. PickleDonkeyKnife:

9. April First Prank Toolkit:​npopk

You can choose from different pranks, like censoring every text, turning images upside down, or you can even redirect Google to Bing, you little demon.

​10. Word Replacer II:

Kind of like the iPhone's corrector you can input words or phrases that you would like to change when someone types it.

​11. XKCD Substitutions:

This does something similar to the one above but this changes text already on the screen to some substitutions, as the extension says it's great to read the news like this.

12. No Scroll Bars Please!:

I don't know how this would affect anybody since a lot of people can scroll from the mouse now...