Friday, March 27, 2015

What 681 BILLION Pixels Looks Like! -- DONG (August 4 2014)

1. World's Biggest Pac-Man:

"As seen on: "How Much CAFFEINE KILLS?? .. and more: DONG!"."

2. Literally Unbelievable:

"It shows posts from "The Onion" that people believe are real."

3. 681 Billion Pixel Moon Photo:

"10,581 photos that completely capture the northern pole of the Moon, explore every piece of it."

4. Asteroids and their worth:

"It shows asteroids available for mining and much they are worth, if you get to them you can be a trillionare."

5. The world as seen from space:

"Pretty much what google maps can do."

6. Universal Typeface:

"Collects handwriting from people all over the world (Including your own), you can compare them by country, gender, hand dominance and more."

7. Smarty Pins:

"It will ask you a geographical question and you have to pin the location in the map."

8. Traffic Simulator:

"See how traffic jams form by changing the parameters like acceleration, max speed and number of trucks."

9. Muszc:

"Here you can discover new songs by changing the genre sliders."

10. Screaming Goat Piano:

"Aaaaah, beautiful."

11. Travel by Drone:

"Catalogs and places by location footage capture by drones all around the planet."

12. Nick Reboot:


"Such a shame."

13. Explore Adam Savage's workshop:,-122.420676&spn=0.18,0.3&cbll=37.75373,-122.420676&layer=c&panoid=Y6f_G8OlXbkAAAAGOvHulw&cbp=,289.59,,0,13.669998&output=classic&dg=ntvb

"It is filled with movie memorabilia, explore it with google maps."

14. Film Garb:

"Here you can find out where to buy the clothes that tv characters wear, this is pretty awesome."

15. GIRP:

"From the creators of QWOP so you can see where this is going."

16. I Remember:

"A beautiful site where you can leave your memories and see the ones other people have left, if no one posts the site will disappear, this is a metaphor of Alz Heimer."

17. Hey Okay:


18. Imagination:

"Here you drag color-changing lines around to create different patterns and designs."

19. Online Sequencer:

"Here you can create a lot of tunes and see what others have created, the one linked is the Kokiri Forest tune.."

20. Warp Field:

"Already covered in: "How Secure is Your Password? And 21 Other DONGs"."

21. Shiritori:

"You have to use the last letter of your opponent's word to start your own, longer words are worth more."

22. Internet Anagram Server:

"Give it a phrase and it will show anagrams of it."

23. The Simpsons in CSS:

"Pretty cool CSS codes used to create The Simpson's character, you can copy the code to change their colores or experiment in some other ways."

24. Krome:

"It's like Snake but only using the spacebar, collect the balls to make them explode in order to destroy your tail."

25. Sisyphean Fun Time:

"In order to score 1 point you have to get every piece of sand (a total of 8,610) to the other side."