Friday, March 27, 2015

Make ANY YouTube Video a GIF! -- DONG (September 9 2014)

1. How Could You To This To Us:

"A website filled with random gifs."

2. Star Wars Crawl Generator:

"Now you can make your story even more interesting."

3. GIF YouTube:

"Set the lenght and a starting point and you can have a gif of anything you want."

4. Super Looper:

"Music creation tool where you choose the tempo and then use the keyboard to trigger different sounds."

5. Instant Sandstorm:

"Can you tell me what song is this?"

6. Awe:

"Rythm and color matching game where you have to figure out different sequences."

7. Recursi:

"A fractal memory puzzle game, it's like the inception of memory games."

8. Reaction Timer:

"With this website you can calculate your reflexes."

9. Cry My IP:

"Remember the website moan my ip from: "Picture of Everything? -- DONG"? Pretty Similar."

10. Sounds of Street View:

"You can visit these places and also hear what's in them in 3D."

11. Globe:

"Here you can visualize data like your instagram followers, meteorite landings or land elevation."

12. Plane Finder:

"Here you can see all of the comercial airliners that are flying through the sky."

13. Space Craft For All:

"This interactive documentary chronicles the ISEE-3 which was launched in 1978."

14. Tesla:

"Interactive site that teaches you about Nikola Tesla and his inventions."

15. Long Player:

"This site began broadcasting in 1999 and it will end its broadcast on 2999."

16. Real Heriones:

"A website dedicated to the incredible women that influenced the world."

17. Don't Touch The Screen:

"What are you trying to do?"

18. HEX Shifter:

"You individually mix the hexadecimal values to create the perfect shade."

19. Gridland:

"Collect, build, match and fight off villains as long as you can."

20. A Dark Room:

"The game starts out with the player waking up after an unspecified event with the ability to stoke fire. He interacts with a stranger, and eventually starts to acquire resources."

21. oO:

"You jump from circle to circle but only on their tangents"

22. Narcissus:

"One player controls the character up top and the other the one below."

23. So Many Ones:

"Because Washington is Hollywood for ugly people."

24. Quotocle:

"A search engine for finding movie quotes which also provides you with the scene."

25. What's After the Credits?:

"This website let's you know what happens after the credits of said movie, if anything does."

26. Chess Academy:

"Watch video lessons, tackle exercises and solve chess tactics online."