Saturday, July 13, 2013

How Much CAFFEINE KILLS?? .. and more: DONG! (April 18 2011)

1. Google Gravity:

"Search stuff in a fun way, it collapses as soon as your mouse touches but remains usable."

2. Caffeine:
"You pick your favorite drink, your weight, and it tells you how many you should drink in order to die."

3. Multitask:
"The more you play, the more things you have to do, controlling each game with different keys."

4. Headsmashing Game:
"Press left, then right, the more you hit your head the trippier the game will become."

"Choose any board to play, if you escape to the side you switch boards."

6. Anti-Pacman:
"Now it's your time to be a ghost and eat Pac-Man."

7. Girl Talk:
"It shows you a mash-up and it tells from what song is the sample taken."

8. Music by the dots:
"Make your own music only by selecting some dots."

9. Auditorium:
"You have to manipulate arrows to direct energy into boxes to hear new instruments."

10. Anasomnia
"It uses your webcam to detect brightness, if you turn off the lights, the little girl will begin dreaming, turn them on and she'll wake up."

11. Psychopaint:
"Paint anything you want while mimicking the brush-strokes of famous painters."