Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Printable Paper! -- DONG (June 22 2014)

1. A Light Year:

"A website that allows you to see what it would be like to travel at the speed of light through the universe for a year."

2. Pixel Trek:

"You can finally explore an 8-bit version of the Enterprise."

3. Printable Paper:

"You can now print templates for comic pages, graph paper, hang-man layout or even college ruled."

4. Hogwarts Online:

"You are now able to enroll at Hogwarts, collect your textbooks and begin taking the 9-week courses online."

5. Cryptarithms:

"Challengin mathematical puzzles where the numbers are displayed as letters so you have the figure out the value of each one is."

6. 10,000 Prime Numbers:

"From 2 to 104,729."

7. Digital Dialects:

"You can learn any of these 70 languages by playing fun games that will teach you about them."

8. Internet Citizenship Test:

"Do you remember the internet in the 90's?."

9. Ant Simulator:

"Have you ever wished you were an ant? No? Ok."

10. Baking Simulator:

"I'm as good as in real life."

11. Drowning Simulator:

"Pretty cool simulation, don't stop scrolling!"

12. 1000 Seconds:

"You have to hold the button down for 1,000 seconds."

13. My Friend Pedro:

"A Matrix-style action game where you shoot enemies and you can even slow down time."

14. Emoji Zone:

"The Zone."

15. Not Even Doom Music:

""Already covered in: "Control This Robot RIGHT NOW! -- DONG"."

16. Google Street Art Project:

"There are thousands of pieces you can view all around the world.."

17. Project 330:

"Not Available Right Now."

18. Droodle:

"Different users continue the story of a drawing."

19. Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator:

"Actually this is kind of clever."

20. Snake:

"In case you chose Slytherin..."

21. Singing Horses:

"What song is this? I like it."

22. Interactive Album by George and Jonathan:

"You can move through the notes of the song, also, check out "Puppy Love"."

23. Small man chases cursor game:

"Already covered in: "HE'S FOLLOWING YOU! -- DONG!""

24. Loved:

"You can try to win the affection of the narrator or disobey and face the consequences.."

25. ALZ:

"Pretty emotional short story about Alz Heimer's disease."

26. Fractal Gears:

"Gears of war."

27. Bezier Curves:

"These animations illustrate how a parametric Bézier curve is constructed."

28. Sun and Moon:

"You have to collect the pixels by changing from Sun to Moon."

29. Everyday I'm Hustlin:


30. Good Things Should Never End:

"This is the end of the post which is a shame since..."