Friday, December 6, 2013

How Secure is Your Password? And 21 Other DONGs (August 11 2012)

"Who needs real coins, anyway?"

2. Am I Awesome?:

"I'd put the full image but it'd be a spoiler."

3. Wiki Game:

"You have to click links to reach an article from another article."

4. You fell asleep:

"It resembles real life a bit too accurately."

5. Constellations in the future (and past):



6. Shaking Internet:

"It's something you have to see for yourself, the browser will constantly be shaking."

7. Pyro:

"Throw balls in order to cause fires."

8. Impossible Quiz:

"Addicting quiz, I.. need.. to.. reach... the... end."

9. Giant Image Viewer:

"Big resolution images, really big."

10. Obey Game:

"Sometimes you obey, others you don't."

11. Motherload:

"Collect minerals in order to upgrade your excavator and don't forget to refuel."

12. Stealing the Diamond:

"Let's you make choices and see how they pan out, funny game."

13. 404:

"A string of bizarre clips."

14. This is Sand:

"Play with sand, by clicking... you know."

15. Amy Poehler's "Smart girls at the party":

"Pretty lame in my opinion but Vsauce featured this channel."

16. Password Tester:

"How long would it take to crack your password, test it!"

17. 24/7 Internet Hugs:

"A lot of videos of people hugging you, it really made me feel better :)."

18. Plot Generator:


19. Last Square Standing:

"Super simple, avoid touching anything."

20. Pointing at your pointer:

"Watches your pointer then it loads a picture pointing at that same spot."

21. Are we still ok?

"The large hadron collider could destroy the world, luckily we have this website to tell us if the world is still ok."

22. Warp Field:

"Use your mouse to feel like you're travelling through space."