Monday, July 15, 2013

HE'S FOLLOWING YOU! -- DONG! (June 24 2011)

 1. Club create:

"You can make your own remixes right inside your browser."

2. Lytro:

"Well for this you either need to buy an app or the camera itself, great quality and you can refocus the picture even after you've taken it."

3. Cursor chase:

"It's pretty entertaining, the little guy will try to capture your cursor."

4. Self Control Freak:

"This guy will point at your mouse wherever it is."

5. How old you are in other planet's years and days:

"Awesome site, it turns out i'm 10 years old on mars."

6. Reimagine: The Game:

"Every level is a whole new box of weird fun."

7. One Chance:

"Sweet game, you have 6 days until the world ends, you decide how to use these days."

8. Dear Photograph:
"Have you ever watched those photos they take holding an old photo of the same place? this is where people upload theirs, it's pretty cool."

"Turn-based game where you organize land use, exploratory campaigns, and lets see if all of you can make it."

10. Your Fonts:
"You can download a template to write on, then scan it and the site will create a font based on your handwriting."