Friday, February 20, 2015

Explore The Solar System! -- DONG (December 31 2013)

1. Fact Slides:

"Tells you, well... facts."

2. Random Youtube Comment:

"It loads a random comment from any youtube video."

3. Water Type:

"Cool effect as you type."

4. Solar System Scope:

"You can explore all the planets, find out facts about them look at their individual layers and more."

5. Terrain Editor:

"Create mountains or different terrains."

6. SnowBox:

"Similiar to the previous one but with snow and less features."

7. 360 Aurora Borealis:

"Sit back and relax with this 360° video."

8. Why is the Sky Blue?:

"Easily explains why we normally see the sky blue."

9. Music Visualizer:

"Cool effects that react to the music, you can drop any mp3 or even use your microphone."

10. FastKat:

"Just as old Star-fox, you control a spaceship and have to dodge the asteroids. DO A BARREL ROLL!."

11. The Fastest Things on Earth:

"The graph shows you a comparison of some speed records that were made in different vehicles*."

12. Night Rider Turbo:

"Set a record... if you can."

13. Typocalypse 3D:

"Kill zombies while typing, you can even use a SNIPER!."

14 Hacker Typer:

"Type nonsense and let the website do the work."

15. Lexican:

"Extend your vocabulary with these forgotten words."

16. Llama Font:

"You get it..."

17. Sketchtoy:

"Draw and then send your drawing to a friend who will be able to see al the process of the making."

18. Human Error:

"Interactive infographic of some curious facts about the mistakes humans have made."

19. nCage Chrome Plug-in:

"This plugin changes all of the images in a website to one of Nicolas Cage."

20. Endless Nicolas Cage:

"There's some pretty weird stuff in the internet, huh?."

21. Invisibles:

"A game where you guess the movie using one image with the main character erased from a scene."

22. Moiré Patterns:

"Not working anymore."

23. Launchball:

"Challenging game made by the Science museum where you need to get the ball to the goal."

24. Banana Bread:

"A 3D shooter built in your browser, made by the Mozilla team."

25. New York Times Dialect Quiz:

"Find out what part of USA your dialect fits in the most."

26. Capture The Flag:

"A multiplayer version of the classic game."