Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Online GAME BOY CAMERA and more!! -- DONG (October 31 2013)

1. Can I Deep Fry This?:

"I'll deep fry whatever I want."

2. Patience is a Virtue:

"A virtue I don't possess."

3. Cursor Dance Party:

"Invite some friends to this party!"

4. My 80s TV:

"The channels are divided by year so you can watch any years' commercials or cartoons."

5. IGN Presents Museum of Mario:

"An interactive history of the Mario Bros. franchise. "

6. Super Game Girl Camera:

"You can adjust the color scheme to replicate the look of Tetris, Metroid or Zelda and even choose the number of bits."

7. Lacque Lacquer:

"Paint your nails... yep."

8. Name That Blue:

"A game where you identify the specific shade of blue used for different social networks or sport teams."

9. RGB Landscapes by Emilio Gomariz:

"Weird and colorful (?) gifs."

10. Online Word Magnets:

"Used the pieces to create phrases and everyone who visits will see it."

11. InkleWriter:

"An online tool that allows you to create a Choose Your Own Adventure style book."

12. Escape Goat:

"You play as a goat who's been imprisoned for witchcraft."

13. Dungeon Janitor:

"A puzzle game where you gotta mop up slime while you chase down the slime monster."

14. Javascript MESS Emulator:

"An online portal for emulation old consoles and their games."

15. Dial Up Sound:

"Already covered in From: "Slow-Mo Hand in MOUSETRAP! ... And DONGs"."

16. MacPaint Simulator:

"Just like old-days Mac."

17. Windows 95 Maze Game:



18. Espurr:


19. Card Toss:

"Have you ever wanted to play but you didn't have cards... or a hat?."

20. Drawing in a Bottle:

"A fun site where you leave a drawing for a random stranger to view."

21. Geocam:

"A global map of live webcams across the world."

22. Your Brain Map:

"An interactive map of the brain that shows where different functions are located."

23. Knoword:

"You must guess the word based on the first letter and the definition."

24. Words for That:

"A website that utilizes a voting system to find the perfect term for proposed phenomenoms."

25. Word Lengths in Various Languages:

"See which languages have the most and least characters per word."

26. Online Lathe:

"You can carve metal or wood, actually pretty cool."

27. Ikea or Death:

"You're given a word and have to guess if it's an IKEA product or the name of a Metal Band."

28. Radar Music Generator:

"Another "make your own music" game."

29. Mumu:

"An entire service that allows you to create an entire playlist and then share it with your friends."