Monday, July 7, 2014

How Many 5 Year-Olds Could You Fight? -- And 18 Other DONGs! (April 9 2012)

1. Clickclickclick:

"The site recognizes what country you are in and it asks you to click for your country."

2. 5 Year Olds:

"This website takes a look at your physical and moral strength to know how many 5 year olds you could beat."

3. Drinkify:

"Tell it a musician and it'll give some tunes and a drink recommendation."

4. MyInstants:

"Contains more than 3,000 soundclips."

5. World Maps of population and more:

"It's a map that shows you the dimensions of a country based on statistics."

6. Image Mosaic Generator:

"You get the idea but apparently is not working anymore."

7. Ransom note generator:



8. Silent Conversation:

"Here you are the "I" floating above text."

9. Aether:

"You have to figure out the puzzles in each planet so the planet gains its color back."

10. PRIOR:

"You're a square who has forgotten everything, you need to read scraps of paper to remember about yourself."

11. Concerned Joe:

"If you don't move your health falls."

12. What Does The Internet Think?:

"The site searches a word and evaluates the positivity or negativity of what's being said about it on the internet."

13. Super Pig:

"The only way to know the enviroment around you is by sacrifacing pigs."

14. Jackson Pollock:

"Paint like a kid, everytime you click, the color changes."

15. Unicorns Everywhere!:

"Whenever you are on a site, you can click this button to add unicorns."

16. Giant Rainbow Brick Breaker:

"Almost never-ending brick breaker with all the colors."

17. BoxSpin3:

"You want all the balls to be the same color."

18. Yodel:

"If you need your yodeling dose of today."