Sunday, March 6, 2016

...Who Are You? (January 29 2016)

Probably not the best site to start the DONG list but here it is...

2. Have I Been Pwned:

​By typing in your email or username it'll tell you if any major companies you are registered into have been compromised.

3. Write Online Color Challenge:
This actually has been recently covered in: "12 COOL Colorful Sites".

​4. Future Self:

This site will scan your face, and show yourself as you would be in 2034, you can ask questions from the future. Don't judge me, I swear I'm not that bad-looking.

​5. Genecoin:

Genecoin offers you a chance to backup your genome sequencing to the bitcoin network.

6. 23andMe:

Takes a sample of your saliva, and in 6 to 8 weeks provides with an ancestry report.

7. Twin Strangers:

Ever wondered if there's someone else that looks just like you? Here you have to create a profile and select your physical features and it will match you with someone with the same ones.

8. DNA Legacy:

You can store your DNA in a small capsule, so your family and friends can hold on to you forever.

9. DNA Family Check:

If you're looking for a long-lost relative, this is a study where you can find people genetically linked to you.

10. Wisdom Panel - Dog DNA Test:

Allows you to find out your dog's breed and other information with a simple cotton DNA test.

​11. Ipersonic Personality Test:

You only have to answer 4 questions, and it'll reveal your general personality.

12. You’re Getting Old:

This was pretty cool, you set your birthday and it will tell you a lot of information, like your age in days, milestones, avg kms travelled, remarkable events during your infancy, childhood or when you were a teenager.