Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One of These is a Different Color! -- DONG (May 12 2015)

"You get a bee! and you get a bee! everybody gets a bee !"

2. Color Perception Test:

"A website that inspects your ability to perceive different colors while being timed."

3. Global Doodle:

"An enormous canvas where you can add to another people's drawings or draw for yourself."

4. Estipaper:

"Input how many pages you need and by what time you have to hand your essay in, it'll tell you if you'll make it and how long it will take to write."

5. Monologue Wild West Game:

"A game where you play as a villain who must complete his evil monologue before the hero escapes."

6. Orion Trail:

"Space-themed version of Oregon Trail, select a ship, assemble a crew and complete the mission."

7. BBC Drake Equation:

"Lets you calculate how many alien civilizations have likely existed and are currently still thriving."

8. Drake Search Engine:

"A search engine that searches for Drake related content."

9. Super Duck Punch!:

"A game that lets you choose who would you rather fight and after each fight you can upgrade your character."

10. Shelf Life of Food:

"An infographic that lets you know how long various foods will last."

11. Chat Noir:

"A puzzle game in which you must trap a cat."

12. Animal Crossing Browser Plugin:

"A Google Chrome extension that plays music from Animal Crossing depending on what time of day it is."

13. Personal Pi Day:

"Enter when you were born and see how many digits it takes for pi to display your birth date."

14. Old Operating Systems:

"Windows 1.01 simulator."

15. Nostalgia Machine:

"Plays the popular tunes of the year you give it."

16. Murder:

"A game where you plot to kill and become the king without him catching you."

17. Crossword Puzzle:

"Similar to hangman, a crossword puzzle but without any clues."

18. Reaction Game:

"A reaction based browser game that tests your reflexes to check if you're worthy of their new supercar."

19. Scroll Slow Have Fun:

"Cool online illusion."

20. Super Hotline Miami:

"A mashup of Super Hot and Hot line Miami, pretty cool but not as much as the original Super Hot covered in: "This is a BILLION Photos! -- DONG"."

21. Best 404 Page Ever:

"Shows you a different flash video everytime you refresh the page."

22. The Sixty One:

"A website that gives you trivia about the songs and musical quests to complete and get more points."



24. Something is Nothing:

"An interactive music video by Alpha beta fox, you can even use a VR headset."

25. Threaded:

"Creepy website that warns you it can cause strange sensations."