Thursday, August 28, 2014

This is a BILLION Photos! -- DONG (October 12 2013)

1. Guy Forces His Wife To Dress In a Garbage Bag For The Next Three Years:

"As seen on How I Met Your Mother."

2. Yes, No, Maybe:

"May help you come to a decision."

3. The Faces of Facebook:

"Creates a mosaic of the over 1.2 billion profile pictures on Facebook ."

4. Sick Weather:

"Sick weather uses certain phrases from people's social media to create a Doppler-esque map tracking who may be ill.."

5. SuperHot:

"Awesome game, time only moves when you move. WAITING FOR THE FINAL RELEASE!"


"An internet radio that recreates a computer's terminal, type in the genre you want to hear."

7. Tesla Defense:

"A tower defense game where you zap your opponents to dust. "

8. War of the Currents:

"Article talking about the differences that Tesla and Edison had."

9. Does the Dog Die?:

"A website that ranks movies based on if a pet died or got ill."

10. Sloth Adventure:

"You have to get the sloth to his leaf... eventually."

11. Floating Shiny Knot:

"It uses google street view in whatever location you give it to create a really cool reflection."

12. Map Dive:

"It uses google maps to generate levels based on landmarks, you skydive collecting stars and getting to your target."

13. Inside Insides:

"MRIs of food (GIFs)."

14. Rainy Day Simulator:

"It's actually pretty."

15. Noise Generator:

"Make the perfect fireplace or rain noise with just the right amount of thunder."

16. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe:

"You send thema  unique URL and once they join, you have to win 3 games of tic tac toe that you play at the same time."

17. Multicolor Search:

"Once you pick the color you want, it goes through a a collection of 10 million photos choosing the ones that match."

18. RED:

"You have to protect your base by shooting giant balls falling from the sky."

19. Axon:

"You have to click through different proteins as fast as you can."


"It recreates the paths of NYC train lines using real time departures and when they cross the create music."

21. Icarus Needs:

"Interactive story that has you fulfilling what icarus needs."

22. Roll It:

"You sync your phone to your browser and play skee-ball with it. Really cool! "

23. Number:

"You just click... forever."

24. How Many Earths:

"Interesting guide that puts into perspective how many exoplanets there are."

25. The Scrolling Man:

"Sometimes I don't even know what the hell..."

26. Clip Arts:

"So this is a video that loops matching pictures kind of evolution-stlye"

27. Universe Within:

"Explore our recursive universes while you go deeper, avoid the things that want to kill you. "

28. Ducks are the best:

"Ducks are fowls."

29. I could not stop:

"I'm not sure if there's an objective here or what."

30. McDonald's Secret Menu:



31. 8chan:

"I'm not sure if this was supposed to do anything but I'm guessing it's down"

32. Introduction to Lockpicking:

"You know, for when you lose "your keys"."