Friday, December 21, 2012

Hidden BONG: "The 10 Creepiest Websites on the Internet"

Most of these sites are really messed up and that's why they won't be added to the Random DONG button.

1. Plane Crashes Recordings:

"Shares the MP3's and transcripts of the last moments of plane crashes."

2. Staggering Beauty:

"Just a weird site as covered in: BONG #2 "5 Weird sites on the Internet"."

3. Bongcheon Dong Ghost:;jsessionid=1648FF50A31430845781F90104325B89?titleId=350217&no=31

"Scary online comic, a ghost woman asking where her baby is, The comic has automatic scroll triggers, BEWARE."

4. Rate My Poo:

"No, no, no, no, no!"

5. Zombo:

"Just a loading screen with circus music."

6. Opentopia:

"Access the stream of online public surveillance cameras."

7. Memory of:

"Website dedicated to children that have died as a stillborn Memorial site."

8. Nine:

"Psycopath Nonsense."

9. Creepypasta:

"You should already know about this site by now, scary stories database."

10. Deep Web: No Specific URL

"A collection of websites that are not easily accesed, not indexed by traditional search engines."

Based on Matthew Santoro's video.