Monday, March 30, 2015

Perpetual Pizza! -- DONG (February 24 2015)

Finally caught up! Your move, Jake.

1. Perpetual Pizza:

"Who doesn't like pizza?"

2. Translation Party:

"It translates back and forth from english to japanese until you get something deep."

3. Nicolas Cage Roulette:

"A site that randomly picks a Nicolas Cage movie for you to watch on Netflix."

4. 25 Biggest Turning Points in Earth's History:

"A timeline that starts from 4 billion years ago until the Human Race, marking the most important events."

5. Jurassic World:

"This site recreates the features of a real Park but as if were the real Jurassic World park from the movie, it even has "live streams" and a map."

6. Click to Enter:

"Just click."

7. Spiral Art Generator:

"Adjust the number of lines, width, speed and rotation to create spirals."

8. Live Mocha:

"Do you want to learn a new language? This website helps you to do it and in order to be able to take more classes the only thing you need to do is help people who are trying to learn your native language."

9. Thu'um:

"If you don't want to learn any real languages you can always learn Dovahzul. Dreh Nauvozahkel Nu Guys."

10. Chiptune Iron Maiden:

"Iron Maiden songs made in 8-bit style."

11. Particle Youtube Player:

"Watch videos as if they were made by particles, you can even change the parameters."

12. 5by:

"Curates videos depending on your interests."

13. Binge Clock:

"How long does it take to watch all of the episodes of your favorite TV show back to back?"

14. Idea Swap:

"Write down an idea and share it, then you'll get a random person's idea."

15. Simple Stitch:

"Recreate samples from popular songs using your keyboard."

16. Hipster Band Name Generator:



17. Coolors:

"Generates an assortment of random colors for you to pick your favourites."

18. Emoji Painter:

"Select an emoji and then write with it."

19. It's A-Doorable:

"Lovely game in case you want to send a message."

20. 404 Bayonetta Game:

"Play the Bayonetta mini-game "Angel attack!"."

21. Fear Less:

"Really cool endless runner, you have to outrun Death and you can even upgrade your skills."

22. Hextris:

"An interesting interpretation of tetris where you rotate a hexagon to get 3 matching colors together."

23. Inspirograph:

"A digital inspirograph, select pairs of gears and one of the perforations to see the path they make."

24. Poet Tweet:

"Use your tweets to create poetry."