Friday, November 22, 2013

Slow-Mo Hand in MOUSETRAP! ... And DONGs (July 9 2012)

1. Rubik's cube solve (topless):

"Don't get too excited, a GUY solves a Rubik's cube with his nipples."

2. Meowmania:

"Like cats?"

3. Ponycorns:

"It's a game written and voiced by a small child."

4. What "YOLO" truly means:

"Simple platform-game that will teach you a lesson."

5. E.B.O.N.Y.:

"Clever puzzle site that makes you think outside the box."

6. 3D panoramas from the AIR:

"It's like google maps but airborne."

7. Coke sitelets:

"Cool sticky hand and other coke sitelets."

8. Little Alchemy:

"Drag and combine elements to see how many new things you can create."

9. Dial-up sound:

"Sick of fast internet? Oh, the memories."

10. Says-it:

"Great template-images."

11. NeaveTV:

"Change channels and discover all the weird clips."

12. Kitten Cam:

"Live Camera covering cats."

13. Inverse Grapher:

"Type a word and this site will create its corresponding equation (I call bullshit, but ok.)."

14. 3D Line Flying:

"You control a string(?), make knots and coils, etc."

15. Article on why tapping melodies is so frustating:

"Knowledge is the key."

16. Song Tapper:

"Tap a song and it will guess what song it is (sometimes)."

17. Sinuous:

"Avoid red dots while you acquire shields and other goodies."

18. Armed Forces:

"You're added to a team of real people, complete tasks in order to help your teammates."