Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Largest Photo Ever! -- DONG (February 24 2013)

Sorry, guys, Apparently I skipped this list of DONGs and didn't notice, but here they are!

1. Band Name Maker:

"Place a word you would like in the name of the band and look for suggestions."

2. World's Largest Photo:

"This image of London is the largest panoramic photo ever taken."

3. 100,000 Stars:

"You can learn about distant stars, really beautiful."

4. Perspective:

"You're a dog that has to follow your master through different challenges."

5. Sploder:

"Create your own game, choose what kind of game you want and add your assets."

6. Sad Violin:

"Sad? :( ."

7. They Will Eat You:

"A Zombie game that will have you running through the woods to avoid Zombies."

8. NASA: Prospect:



9. 400 Years:

"You Only have 400 years to stop a disaster, if you need to cross a body of water you'd need to wait for the winter."

10. Jukebox Time Machine:

"Play the best tunes of different years."

11. Bomb Sight:

"Maps all of the bombs dropped in london during the Bomb Blitz in WWII."

12. Human Migration:

"This interactive infographic gives a really cool snapshot of where people immigrate from and emigrate to."

13. Shark Tracker:

"You can even read the bios of these aquatic "death" machines."

14. Atum:

"Pretty cool, items in the real world are used to interact with the game world."

15. The Nicest Place on the Internet:

"This was already covered in "How secure is your password" but it's good to feel loved. :)."

16. Ok, one more:

"Gif 1 recommended by Jake."

17. MeowTwo:

"A cat dressing of a lot of pokemons."

18. Want to file a complaint?:

"Upset with someone and don't want to think? this website will help you just with that."

19. Illegal Operation:

"Really cool interactive Aperture Science Sentry Turret, detects your movements using your camera."

20. More:

"Gif 2 recommended by Jake."

21. I Like Pi:

"Find any digit you'd like inside pi."

22. Make It So:

"Captain Picard's song?"

23. Uhhhh:

"Well... you have to see it, actually don't, don't see it."

24. Plants + LSD = This Game:

"Weird point and click that follow the adventure of 5 botanical creatures"

25. Noooooo:

"Already covered in "What's a DONG?"."

26. Pulp Comic Generator:

"Create cool "old" comic designs."

27. You need to cheat at Sudoku? Really?:

"Sudoku Solver..."