Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WHAT'S A DONG? (August 12 2011)

1. Musicovery:

"Listen to songs depending on your mood."

2. Pixel white:

"Upload any song you like and play with the bars that are made with it."

3. "No" button:

"You'll see."

4. Ooooiiii:
"The title makes more sense once you go there, there's no use of a picture here, really."

5. Windows doors:

"You use a computer in your computer, computerception."

6. ROFLcopter:

"You're a ROFLcopter dropping WTF bombs, lol."

7. URL Bar Game:

"This game all happens in your URL bar, catch a's and destroy them. (Apparently not working anymore :/)." 

8. Sites:

"Is basically a long list of DONGs, just not all approved by Vsauce."

9. One Billion Mazes:

"This site actually has 1 billion mazes, it'd take you more than 31 years to complete them all, that if you could complete each one in 1 second or less."

10. Jon Counts to 100,000:

"This video is no longer available, the guy counted to 100,000, one by one obviously."

11. Platform:

"Realistic platform game, try it."

12. MTV playlist:

"The first day of MTV with commercials and everything."

13. WTF playlist:

"Web series on YouTube."