Monday, April 7, 2014

KILLED BY TETRIS -- DONG (July 16 2013)

"If you are interested in a new Fund."

1. 100 Meter Scroll:

"Race by using the scroll in your mouse."

2. People in Pizza Slice Costumes Becoming Pizzas:

"Again, weird sites *sigh*."

3. Country Meters:

"See the population statistics for the country you live in.."

4. Here is Today:

"Compares today to as far back as we can date."

5. Old Handheld Games Online:

"Nostalgia Online."

6. Steam Powered YouTube:

"Really cool, in order to keep watching the video you have to turn valves and vent the engine."

7. Leek Spin:


8. 17,826 Word Palindrome:

"Peter Norvig created the longest (as far as I know) Palindrome, read it backwards if you like."

9. Bad Translator:

"Takes text and runs it through different language translations and gives it back to you."

10. Google Translate Beatbox:

"Fun with Google Translate."

11. Easter Eggs:

"Covers everything from movies, to videogames to music."

12. Pronunciation Maps of America:

"Different pronunciatons of common words in USA."

13. Interactive Ear:

"Gives you a look at how the ear actually works."

14. Brain Maker:

"Type in your name and see what's in your mind."

15. WTF Should I Do With My Life:

"No, no.., no."

16. Tetris'd:

"Try not getting crushed by the tetris blocks."

17. Onomastica:

"A clever word game where your character interacts with certain letters to advance."

18. Zahada:

"Challenging riddler and puzzler."

19. A Duck Has an Adventure:

"An interactive story where you choose the path of one duck by taking his life decisions."

20. 404 Space Invader:



21. Self Destructing Note:

"You send messages that can only be read once. Here's mine, are you the #1?"

22. Passive Aggresive Password Machine:

"Need advise changing your password?"

23. Party Cloud:

"Pick 2 songs, sync them together then mix."

24. Real Time Google Searches:

"Watch what people is searching right now."

25. You Can't Do Simple Math:

"Time runs out, answer correctly quick."

26. What The Movie:

"You have to guess the movie by looking at one screenshot."

27. FPS-MAN:

"Pac-Man horror movie style."

28. Cube Slam:

"You would think this is simple Pong but the cool thing about this is that is webcam capable so you're able to see your friend's face while you destroy him!."

29. Leave a Note:

"Explore messages that people all over the world have left and leave yours too."

30. Killer Whale:


31. PlaylisTunes:

"Find some new music by choosing the genre."

32. Rainstorm Generator:

"Control the settings to make the best rain sound just to relax."

33. Konga!:


34. Interactive Triangulation:

"Move your mouse to interact with... triangles."

35. American Dream:

"You have to spend your money in order to be the richest person."

36. Trippy Illusion:

"Start hallucinating with this thing (again)."

37. After a bad joke:

"Can April March? - No, but April May *click*."

38. Simple Beat Mixer:

"Control how far the sounds are in order to make your beat of choice, there's not much you can do..."

39. Animated Gifs?:

"Collection of GIFs"

40. Pilot Test:

"Supposedly U.S. pilots should endure 2 minutes doing this."

41. Puzzle Game:

"Simple and basic puzzle game."

42. I'm Trippin':

"I'm pretty sure they already covered this one but meh..."

43. 'Stache:

"Dress your doll but for Real Men"

44. Make More Sounds:

"Click the tiles so when you press play they'll move and make "music"."