Saturday, May 28, 2016

Use Your Phone As A Lightsaber! (May 17 2016)

Already Covered in: Make ANY YouTube Video a GIF! -- DONG

​2. TR-8R!:

Just a Gif playing over and over again and tells you how much you've been on the site.

3. ASCII A New Hope:

Episode IV re-animated and made completely out of ASCII code.

4. A New Hope UNCUT:

A remake of A New Hope made by fans where each fan made 15 seconds of the film.

5. If Star Wars Was Real:

A website that discovers parts of Star Wars that happened alongside real world history.

​6. Noooooooooooooo:

Already Covered in: WHAT'S A DONG?

​7. Star Wars in the Classroom:

A website that helps teachers integrate Star Wars into their teaching plans for a wide range of subjects.

​8. Lightsaber:

Use your own smarthphone as a lighsaber with this interactive game that connects your phone to your computer.

9. Star Wars Recipes:

The Star Wars website has a section for Star Wars-themed cooking recipes.

​10. BB-8 Computer Programming:

Help BB-8 around Jakku while you learn basic concepts of computer programming.

11. Starwarigami:

A website with tons of printable instructions to make origami related to Star Wars.

12. Star Wars Spotify:

Determine which Star Wars character has the most similar music taste to you.

13. Star Wars Name Generator:

Enter your Real Name to get you Star Wars name.

14. How Many Days 'til Star Wars:

A countdown to the next Star Wars film.

15. Learn Aurebesh:

English to Aurebesh translator.

16. Learn Gungan:
English to Gungan translator.