Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fried Chicken Simulator! (May 25 2016)

1. Flip Anim: http://flipanim.com/

Make your own virtual flip book animation by doodling each frame with your mouse.

​2. Paint a Song: http://herraizsoto.com/works/2009/labuat/soytuaire/

Move your mouse to paint following a beautiful song.

3. Crayon Hex Values: http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_crayola.asp

Lists every single Crayola color along with the corresponding Hex value.

4. No Paint: https://www.nopaint.org/

It's an art creation website where you control random moving brush strokes.

5. Colorize: http://colorize.site/

Anybody who visits can change the fullscreen color by pressing any key or by clicking.

​6. Corgi Party: http://corgiorgy.com/

Look at those cute things!

​7. Taco Dumpsters: http://tacodumpsters.corgiorgy.com/

Anyone can make a website like the previous one.

​8. Gif Party: http://my.corgiorgy.com/

And here's how to do it, if you want to create your own repetitive gif website.

9. Change This Site: www.changethissite.com/

You can pay $1 to have your website as the front page until someone else pays $1.

​10. Rain Today: https://rain.today/

Relaxing background noise, you can control the rain style.

11. Drinki Wiki: http://www.drinkiwiki.com/

If you're older than 21 and feel like playing a drinking game, here's the wiki for you, lists a lot of drinking games for various movies or tv shows.

12. Fried Chicken Simulator: http://friedchickensimulator.surge.sh/

Weren't you expecting this?

13. Flarhgunnstow: http://flarhgunnstow.com/


14. Tip of My Tongue: http://chir.ag/projects/tip-of-my-tongue/

This website can help you remember and narrow down words that seem to be slipping your mind.

15. Google Feud: http://www.googlefeud.com/

This is actually a pretty good game, you have to guess top google searches based on the category.

16. Google Fight: http://www.googlefight.com/
Have you ever wanted to know what's more popular on Google?

17. Trump Donald: http://trumpdonald.org/
*Trumpet sound*

18. Amazing Fact Generator: http://www.mentalfloss.com/amazingfactgenerator
Do you want to impress that girl with some random facts?

19. Ground Zero: http://www.carloslabs.com/projects/200712B/GroundZero.html
A pretty similar DONG has already been covered in: Blocked in China -- DONG

20. Useful Science: http://www.usefulscience.org/
Simplifies science facts to tweet-like words.

21. Wonder Tonic: http://www.wonder-tonic.com/geocitiesizer/
Transforms webpages back to the time we used a lot of gifs and bright colors.

22. Museum of Conceptual Art: http://www.museumofconceptualart.com/accomplished/
You may get discourage by the things people have done by the time they were your age.

23. Talk Obama to Me: http://talkobamato.me/
Ever wanted to hear something in the voice of the President? Now you can!