Friday, April 28, 2017

Travel by Drawing! -- DONG (December 26 2016)

1. Nice One Dad:

A variety of dad jokes online.

​2. Land Lines:

The site matches a place on earth to whatever you draw.

3. How Do Things Fly?:

This site explains the variables that affect flight. You can create your own plane as well.

4. Toonator:

You can create your own digital flipbook.

5. Test Your Vision:

It has no diagnostic value but maybe it'll help you detect any sight problems.

​6. A Way To Go:

Go on a walk with this square-headed guy and explore.

​7. Filler:

Puzzle game where you have to fill 2/3 of the space given by creating balls.

​8. Simon Says:

Simon says memory game. I don't think it needs more explanation.

9. Cube Runner:

A game that takes you through a tunnel of squares where you have to avoid the cubes.