Thursday, April 27, 2017

Explore Your Mind! -- DONG (December 16 2016)

1. Useless Facts:

Did you know that a group of cats is called a clowder? Although that might seem like an useless

​2. Sound in Color:

Record a song and watch it make a painting based on what it hears.

3. Giorgio Cam:

Take a photo of anything you want and the site will make a song about it.

4. Gaia 3D Star Map:

This site contains the position of 2 million stars.

5. Make Mars Home:

This site gets you prepared to live on the red planet by going through your qualifications and skills.

​6. Brain Model:

An interactive diagram of the human brain.

​7. Airview:

Shows you what pollutants are in the air we breath, you can go to any city to see what's there.

​8. Where is Cat?:

You need to find whatever the cat needs, kind of like "Where's Waldo".

9. Ugly Sweater:

You can design your own ugly christmas sweater.

​10. Verdant Labs:

This chart shows you which names are most likely to have certain professions.