Monday, January 9, 2017

How Do I Look? -- DONG (November 4 2016)

1. Opera pigs:

Swine at the opera.

​2. Virtual Makeup:

Ever wanted to test some makeup or a hairstyle before doing it for real, now you can with this website.

3. Emotion Reader:

Alice is an AI that is learning to recognize emotions on faces, you can draw any type of face and she'll tell you the emotion that represents, if she's wrong you can select the correct emotion and press the Train button to store it in the database.

4. Animal Orchestra:

Bernie Krause is a musician that has been compiling sounds around the world, listen to the different sounds depending on the landscape that you choose.

5. Tilt:

Cool puzzle game where you have to get your tiles to their respective color.

​6. G-kak:

Cool 3D-ish game where you have to manipulate a cube inside another cube (cubeception) in order to reach the target.

​7. Keep Out:

Really cool 3D game, it reminds me of old Zelda, you have to make your way out of a dungeon by fighting monsters, getting keys and looting treasures.

​8. Swarmation:

I... I don't have anyone to play with. This game has you forming shapes with other people that are playing online, you have to work as a team to form the shape before the time runs out.

9. Stroop Effect Test:

Have you ever played this? It's this little mind game where you have to read aloud the colors of the words, not the words themselves and you can time it, it's kind of hard.

​10. 100 Most Common Words:

In this game you have 5 minutes to guess the top 100 most common english words, it's really hard, harder if english is not your main language 😕.