Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What's the Difference? -- DONG (October 21 2016)

1. Rock Paper Scissors:

Wanna play the old game but don't have anyone to play with?

​2. Difference Between:

Covers a wide range of topics to know what separates 2 things from each other.

3. Retro Type Generator:

Pick a background, text style and write whatever you want with an 80's vibe

4. Wait But Why:

Puts time in perspective.

5. Netflix Time Calculator:

You give it series you want to watch and it'll tell you how much time you need to watch it back to back.

​6. Virtual Dominoes:

The site where you can virtually play with dominoes.

​7. Send Paper Planes to People:

You can digitally throw a paper airplane using your phone, and can catch other airplanes.

​8. World of Oil:

You can learn all about the oil industry, all around the world and across time.

9. Comet Viewer:

Displays 67p from the Jupiter family so you can watch it up close and explore its regions.

​10. Play With A Spirit:

Beautiful display that you can move around the screen and you can change different characteristics of it.