Monday, January 16, 2017

Glitch Yourself! -- DONG (November 11 2016)

1. Annoying Cursor:

Enter the website and move your cursor around.

​2. Forest of All the World’s Trees:

Digital exploration of a sculpture made with 10,000 tree species samples, you can click each sample and see its details.

3. Word Association Net:

Really cool way to know the definition of a word and other words related to it.

4. Get Mosh:

Allow your webcam and press the button, each time you'll get a different random effect.

5. Cool Math:

Website with a bunch of cool games, in this one navigate through a path until you reach the goal.

​6. Snake Game:

Don't you sometimes feel nostalgic? You can now play the good-old game on your browser.

​7. Trippy Snake:

Do you want something trickier and modern? This snake game features a moving light source to make it more difficult to identify where you are.

​8. Prisoner's Dilemma:

You're playing against a anonymous entity named Serendip, each of you has 2 options, to cooperate or to compete in order to get the most amount of gold coins that you can.
If both cooperate: +3 coins for each.
If only one competes: +5 for the one who competed and 0 for the one who didn't.
If both compete: +1 for each.

9. Monsters:

Click on the monsters to make them go back under the furniture and try to sleep until morning.

​10. Hex Game:

Puzzle game where you drag the pieces so you can complete a full line to make it disappear, kind of like Tetris but with hexagonal shapes.