Sunday, April 23, 2017

Terrifying Websites -- DONG (October 28 2016)

1. Scary Maze Game:


You may be familiar with this one.

​2. Ghost Photos:

This society explores photographs that have unusual objects or figures in them, you can take a look at such pictures.

3. Creepy Pasta:

Of course you know about this. This site is full of terrifying stories by a variety of contributors.

4. Burning Room:

This game takes you through an interactive experience in which you click on objects in the room to pick them up.

5. Interactive Blair Witch Experience:

Use your flashlight to look for objects in this 360 interactive version of the Blair Witch Project.

​6. Possession Begins:

An interactive experience, if you close your eyes the posession will begin, you'll hear a voice, you can try to escape by opening your eyes but be prepared for what you'll see.

​7. John Hancock Life Expectancy Calculator:

Gives you a prediction of when you will die based on your age, BMI and activities.

​8. Online Ouija Board:

Ask anything and then place your mouse on top of it to get an answer to your question.

9. House Creep:

It's a site with information on the history of certain properties so you can see houses nearby where interesting things have happened like owners found dead, DEA raid, etc.

​10. Scary Faces:

Help the MIT algorithm for scary faces by picking the ones that you think are scary.

​11. Pumpkin Carving:

If you want something more relaxing, you can carve pumpkins online.