Saturday, October 15, 2016

Endless Michaels! -- DONG (October 14 2016)

1. Bummer Sauce:

Bummersauce, man :/

​2. Jason Davies Map Projections:

The site is full of fantastic and illuminating ways to turn our 3D planet into a flat 2D thing.

3. Breakbot Music Video:

Interactive music video, which you can pause at any time and find out about the people involved in that particular moment.

4. Easy Poem:

Here you fill in blanks with words of your choice and the site creates a poem with that, similar to mad libs.

5. The Measure of Things:

A website that helps you conceptualize the magnitude of sizes and amounts, puts any measurement you give it into context to compare.

​6. Endless Photo:

Upload a photo to create the droste effect, an image that contains itself containing itself.

​7. Space Dashboard:

Widgets that give you a lot of information about space right now, like live feed from the ISS, how many people are in space right now and where the planet is.

​8. 3D Periodic Table:

This awesome website shows you the periodic table in 3D form but also you can see each element's individual atom animation.

9. Intelligence Test:

You are given the first letters of the word on a phrase as clues, is up to you to find out what they really mean.

​10. Rotopo:

This site allows you to steer a cute little thing away from falling off the path, you cannot touch a square twice.

11. National Parks Exploration:

You are taught about incredible and remote locations via 3D view with the narration of a park ranger.

12. Become Sand:

This website accesses your camera rendering you into trippy grains of real-time flowing sand.

13. Discover Your Patronus:

Fan of Harry Potter? Just as Harry you can find out what your patronus is just by answering some questions.