Monday, October 3, 2016

Explore a Nebula! -- DONG (September 12 2016)

1. I Need Food:

Everytime that you refresh the website, you'll see a different picture about food.

​2. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy partnered with Pixar so you can learn about the science of cameras in real life and in animated movies.

3. Psychedelic Pictures:

Use your right arrow to switch between trippy animations.

4. Scribble Audio:

Select a note on the piano, then draw a pattern to create pretty cool music.

5. Jigsaw Planet:

You can solve puzzles people around the world made online.

​6. Mockup Editor:

Let's virtually decorate a virtual office with your own pictures for frames or computers.

​7. Metaphone Generator:

Generates metaphones by how the world typically sounds but not necessarily how it's spelled.

​8. Nebula Bliss:

3D models of a nebula with music for each one, I'd recommend mute the sound and play some Pink Floyd.

9. Stranger Things Type Generator:

Generate your own text in the style of the Netflix show Stranger Things.

​10. Random Illuminati Confirmed Theory Generator:

Type any word that you want and the algorithm will always find the illuminati connection to the word. I knew it!