Monday, October 3, 2016

Look Inside My Body -- DONG (September 2 2016)

1. Endless Horse:

Get down off that high horse of yours.

​2. Meet Graham:

The life-like interactive model of the only human design to survive intense car crashes.

3. Zombie Anatomy:

We can see inside of the Zombie and why they make those sounds and act that way.

4. Shape Connector:

You connect the same color or the same shape, in order to get from A to B.

5. Rick Astley Remixer:

You can mix and match different genres with a selection of instruments to the tune of Never gonna give you up.

​6. Color B&W Photos:

Pretty cool, in case you want to give yourself an idea of how an old picture really looked like.

​7. 500 Pixels:

You always search by name, now you can search by drawing.

​8. Two Centuries of U.S. Immigration:

Immigration patterns to USA, each dot represents 10,000 people.

9. Cat Bounce:

Cats bouncing right in your screen, isn't the internet beautiful?

​10. Chord Surfer:

An endless runner-like game that lets you switch lanes