Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Can You Recognize This Face? -- DONG (September 22 2016)

1. Great American Eclipse: http://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/

This website includes a countdown until the next total solar eclipse, the last one was in 1776.

If you've ever wondered how dogs see colors, you can use this tool to replicate their vision.

​3. Map of Stars: http://stars.chromeexperiments.com/

You can take a quick around our galaxy, you have a lot of information about the stars that are near to us.

4. Touch Pianist: http://touchpianist.com/

You can play piano only by clicking or by typing whatever key you want.

5. Facial Recognition Test: http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/java/facemem2.html

It'll stop on a random face. When you're ready, you have to recreate the faces with the features given.

6. What's Special About this Number?: http://www2.stetson.edu/~efriedma/numbers.html

A fact about each number from 0 to 9,999.

​7. Science vs Magic: https://sciencevsmagic.net/

Here you can pick from a selection of different puzzles, like... these things.

​8. Dosketchit: http://www.dosketchit.com/textify.jsp

Upload a picture and write the word that you want the picture to be made of.

​9. Map Projection: http://www.gis.osu.edu/misc/map-projections/

A fantastic way to see how map projections distort the way Earth actually looks.