Sunday, March 6, 2016

Open This Secret Door! (December 25 2015)

1. Random Color:

Every time you refresh the page it gives you a different color.

2. Your Name in Gum:

Type anything you want with your favorite kind of gum.


Most of you already know about this game in where you are a ball that has to eat little balls to grow bigger and avoid getting eaten by other players.

4. AirConsole:

Awesome site, play video games on your computer and use your smartphone to control it, if you select the NES emulator, you can upload your own ROMs to play.

5. Museum of Natural History:

You can virtually browse the Museum of Natural History.

6. The Monterey Bay Aquarium:

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a live webcam in their 1 million gallon tank.

7. The Secret Door:

Open it so you can explore random places in the world through street view..

8. Txtwar:

This site will determine how long to respond to that girl or guy based on some questions.

9. Favorite Pokémon:

This site will narrow down your top favorite pokemons by selecting 1 of 2 choices.

10. Netflix Roulette:

It will pick your next netflix movie based on the filters you choose.

11. Wiki Roulette:

It'll give you a random picture from Wikipedia and you have to guess from which article it is.

12. Automatic Flatterer:

Feeling a little sad? This website will pick you up.

​13. What the Font:

Upload a picture of the text you want to identify and it will tell you some possibilities.

14. Gif Pop:

This website will let you print a GIF by using different a lenticular image, it costs but it's pretty cool.

​15. Template Maker:

Enter any dimensions that you need for a template of your choice and you can print your own box for these times of presents.

16. Birthday Scan:

Tells you interesting things about your birthday, like the how many 100 days-versaries you've had.

17. Formula Generator:

Similar to other featured sites, you modify the properties to create your own shape.