Friday, February 26, 2016

19 Simple & Brilliant Websites (November 17 2015)


Each time you refresh the site it'll give you a different constelation.

​2. Taghua!:

Watch these trees grow, a new one each time.

3. Ninja Flex:​

Ninja + Flex

4. Riddly Diddly:

Ned Flanders ft. Metal Band

​5. Noot Space:​

Just Noot!

6. Emoji Party:​

Select any combination of emojis and watch them move.

7. Bacon Sizzling:​

Best. Thing. In the world.

​8. Pixels Fighting:​

Just color pixels blending with each other.

​9. Table Flipper:​

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

10. Smokey Cat:​

Just a Gif of this cat.

​11. Is It White?:​

Just white, or is it?


Trippy animation with cool music.

​13. The Fonz:​


​14. OMFGdogs:

Another trippy animation but now with dogs!

15. Hardcore Prawn Lawn:​

Shrimps and music.

16. Needs More Lens Flare:​

Give that little touch of sun to your photos.

​17. Free Gong Button:​

You can use this gong for free!

18. Fractal Fantasy:​

Hyper-real interactive faces.

19. Can't Not Tweet This:​

Taking annoying social media spamming to the next level.