Saturday, February 27, 2016

11 Cool STAR WARS Websites (November 27 2015)

1. Google Star Wars:

Here you choose a side, and it'll change the youtube player, the streetview character and some other Google features.

2. Google Crawl Text:

Type "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" and the results will show as the famous crawl animation.

3. Star Wars Galaxy:

Explore the planets of the Star Wars Universe.

​4. Starship Size Comparison Chart - Dirk Loechel:

Compares the size of ships including the Star Wars ones.

5. Racer Rush:

Rush around the galaxy in your pod.

6. Jawa Junkyard:

Memorize the design of the droids and then build them.

7. 38 inch Millennium Falcon by Bernard Szukiel:

Bernard Szukiel built a replica of the Millennium Falcon with 99% percent paper and took 4 years to build.

8. Half inch Millennium Falcon by David Canavese:

David Canavese did the same but in small scale and it only took 8 hours.

9. Ralph McQuarrie Concept Art:

Classic Concept Art from the original franchise.

10. Every Star Wars Novel:

Every novel in chronological order.

11. 'A Light In The Darkness' Star Wars Fan Film:

A fan made star wars film on YouTube.