Sunday, March 29, 2015

Play With Your Mind! -- DONG (December 4 2014)

1. I Feel Unmotivated:



2. Halo Menu Screens:

"Have you ever fell asleep while playing? This brings back some memories."

3. Eyes in Space:

"A 360 degree ride to our outer atmosphere."

4. This is Color:

"Knowledge and facts about the colors, do you know what rhymes with orange? Blorenge."

5. The Exquisite Forest:

"A music generator where you adjust your song to be happy, sad, acoustic and the instruments you want in it."

6. Diamond Skull:

"Reacts to the beat of a song."

7. Play with your mind:

"I love the minimalistic things."

8. Ichabot Crane:

"You throw your head around to solve different leves."

9. Test your hearing:

"You have to listen to different audios and it will show you how's your hearing doing."

10. DDR 1812 Overture Edition:

"Pretty awesome game, it's like Guitar Hero: Classical Music."

11. Pictures for Sad Children:


"Relax as you stare at the sky."

12. Rain, Rhythm and Soul:

"The website got so popular that it got hard to mantain."

13. Cat Petting Simulator 2014:

"You have to pet the cat by choosing the commands, are you brave enough?"

14. Catfishing:

"You have to guess the Wikipedia article using only the given categories."

15. Wall of Text:

"Only people with the link can comment on this wall of text, write anything that you can think of."

16. Crumbles: online now guys&dictionary=homer_simpson

"Type what you want to hear and it will be constructed by various clips."

17. Tattoo a Banana:

"Take a clip and..."

18. Take me Back:

"Shows you what was happening in the date you give, top news, movies or music."

19. WINDOWS 93:

"Have you ever wondered about Windows 93?"

20. ASCIITube:

"You can watch all your favorite YouTube videos made only of ASCII code."

21. Retro Uprising:

"Play games from N64, Atari, Sega Genesis, any old game."

22. Game of The Year:

"Load up on Mountain Dew and Doritos and blast your way through enemies."

23. Math Effect:

"A strategy game where you need to defend your base from attackers, every time you move you increase your strenght."

24. CrossCode:

"This game is pretty awesome, Puzzle based action RPG style. Good story."

25. Dongerlist: