Monday, March 16, 2015

Build With LEGO...ONLINE! -- DONG (February 28 2014)

"People write their thoughts, and "philosophical questions."


"You got to shave it off (shave it off)."

3. Build with Chrome:

"You can build whatever you can imagine out of LEGO."

4. Sesame Street Fighter:

"Pick Cookie Monster, Grover, Bert or Ernie, each one has a different topic."

5. Test Your Vocab:

"Choose Yes or No from a variety of real and fake words to find out how many you actually know."

6. Flappy Bird: Typing Edition:

"As if the original one wasn't hard enough."

7. Great Language Game:

"You distinguish between 80 different languages from sound alone."

8. Midas:

"Everything you touch turns to gold (Platform Game)."

9. Emotions of Sound:

"Choose how do you feel while different sounds are playing."

10. RAIN:

"Just in case you like rain."

11. Wait:

"Well... it didn't work for me."

12. ChangeType():

"Your character has the ability to swap items with others, the levels can be completed in many different ways."

13. Experiments by Andrew Hoyer:

"So this guy made a lot of experiments, most of them based on CSS."

14. Screen Toys Faces:

"Blend famous faces and your own photos into strange creatures."

15. Future Me:

"This awesome website lets you send an email to the future, write the message and select when you want to receive it."

16. Moon:

"Pick a spot, create your work and let the world see it with their own eyes."

17. Simulate Your Vision:

"Put your own or a random prescription to see the world from that perspective."

18. Amazing Eye Simulator:

"Well, another kind of experiment, pretty cool to see."

19. Who do you twitter love?:

"Type in your username and see who that special someone is."

20. Chilling Vibes:

"A free website that pairs relaxing music with photos."

21. Theremin:

"A responsive audio synthesizer"

22. D3 Synth:

"You add notes to a circular synth to create your own song, check mine out and improve it."