Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Change YOUR Face! -- DONG (January 27 2014)

1. New Year Exercise:

"Do you wanna burn calories? This is the correct way to do it."

2. Put You in a Better Mood:

"A website filled with adorable animals."

3. Face Substitution:

"Uses your webcam to fit and track a facial model onto you."

4. My 90s TV:

"From the creators of "My 80's TV" covered in: From: "Online GAME BOY CAMERA and more!! --- DONG"."

5. Pause Ahead:

"You use your pausing power to get ahead."

6. Catlateral Damage:

"FPCat Simulator, screw this, screw that, and this too."

7. Cat Ninja:

"It has you avoiding lasers, spikes, changing gravity and you can use a Jetpack!."

8. Dojo of Death:

"The one with the toughest job would be the janitor of the place."

9. Where Does Coffee Come From:

"Explains every step in the making of Coffee."

10. Google Art Project:

"Just like Google's Streetview you can virtually tour different Museums."

11. Tentacles:

"Change the number of segments, their lenght or the frequency to create things like this."

12. Pattern Library:

"Patterns by different designers that anyone can use."

13. Emojis IRL:

"Replicate the ones you find on your phone."

14. Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

"You can find definitions of certain words, all of them based on etimology."

15. Origins of UI Symbols:

"The site walks you through 11 well-known symbols and where they come from."

16. Music Timeline:

"See what music was popular when you were born."

17. Gradient Forest:



"Choose your background and music so you can relax."

19. Second Amendment:

"A game within a game."

20. Font Bomb:

"Bomb the text of whatever page your on."

21. Morse Code Translator:

"-.. --- / --- -. .-.. .. -. . / -. --- .-- / --. ..- -.-- ..."

22. Conference Call Simulator:

"Ah, like a good ol' day at the office."

23. PassWeird:

"This website will create for you a password that is not only secure, but is also so utterly repulsive."

24. Webcam Toy:

"Probably you have seen this on Facebook, it let's you choose between a variety of effects for your webcam."

25. Colour Magician:

"All you need to know about the humble cuttlefish."

26. Robots Are People Too:

"A platformer where you and a partner share a keyboard to get your robots to victory."

27. Mini Commando:

"A short but really well-done point-and-click action game where you kill nazis to rescue your family."