Sunday, May 11, 2014

COOK YOUR PET -- DONG (August 14 2013)

1. Don't Pop It:

"One simple task."

2. Let's Just Wait:

"Ok, this is taking a while."

3. Rap Board:

"Soundboard of different rappers."

4. Every Last Drop:

"Facts about water usage in the UK."

5. 150 Gigapixel Photo of Tokyo:

"Made of up 10,000 images and it took 12 weeks to stitch together."

6. Mt. Fuji Street View:,138.732181&spn=0.001931,0.004128&hq=google&hnear=Taunton,+Massachusetts&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=35.366116,138.73215&panoid=sxA5IEil3aLC1vtd0Mo52A&cbp=12,30.48,,0,0.06

"Go hiking and enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji."

7. Super Pixel Time:

"Would you like to feel a bit more 8-bit-like?"

8. Neon Flames:

"Let's you paint with "flames", great to create your own wallpaper."

9. Listen to Wikipedia:,en

"Bells indicate an addition to an article and strings represent a substraction."

10. Human Chop:

"You have to crush the people with characteristics of the society."

11. Sinuous:

"Already covered in "Slow-Mo Hand in MOUSETRAP! ... And DONGs"."

12. Bootube:

"Takes away all the awesome videos and feeds you only the worst rated ones."

13. Cook Your Pet:

"No, thank you."

14. Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing:

"Haha, awesome game. You have to type your way through but please reach the END!."

15. Draw With Text:

"Pick your font, the size, the words and then draw."

16. R2D2 Translator:


17. Hollywood Tech Jargon Generator:

"It makes no sense, just like in the movies."

18. Emoji Tracker:

"How many times has an emoji been used in twitter?"

19. Ripple Dot Zero:

"You play a genetically modified battle penguin to escape the laboratory that depraved you of your body."

20. Key Chords:

"Experiment with chords right here if you do not have a guitar in hand."

21. Zip:

"A tiny adorable creature jumping through multicolor boxes in order to reach the target."

22. No Idea:

"I have no idea what it is but is really cool."

23. Daylight Hours Explorer:

"See how much sun you will see in a certain day, select the latitude and the day."

24. Hunting Arrows:

"Direct the color arrows away from the black ones."

25. Baker Cat:

"The rulers of the internet."

26. I'm Not Getting Out of Bed:

"I'll get up tomorrow."

27. Britney Spears Guide to Physics:

"Don't believe everything that you see on the internet."

28. A Breathing Earth:

"One year of seasonal transformations on Earth."

29. Actual Radio:


30. Lemmings:

"Remember the old game of Lemmings?"

31. Creepy Girl:

"Creepy girl, indeed."

32. Humanatee: