Monday, November 18, 2013

Picture of Everything? -- DONG (February 1 2012)

1. Make big messages:

"Share a message that takes up the entire page."

2. The sound walk:

"It's like GH meets a side-scrolling-platform meet Darkness."

3. HugeURL:


"Enter a short, easy-to-remember URL at will give back big-ass URL."

4. Test Pilot:

"You have to design your vehicle, its propulsion and even the controls."

5. Sad Trombone:

"With one click you can feel like a loser."

6. More Cowbell:

"I got a fever, and only prescription is more COWBELL!"

7. Cats!:

"Endless giant loops of cats with fun music."

8. Color Matching:

"You have to find the color that's given to you with a palette."

9. Gravity Duck (Chrome Only):

"You have to switch gravity's direction to be safe."

10. Albums extended into real life:

"People posing to match the album covers, pretty cool."

11. Symon Dream logic game:


"Point & Click where you explore your own dreams."

12. Picture of everything:

"A 210 squared foot picture of everything, it took years to draw."

13. Moan my IP:

"It displays your IP while girls sexually moan it."

14. Overthemoon206 playlist of comedy:

"You can tell by the title."

15. Over Analyzers:

"A bunch of guys sit around to discuss some silly stuff like where did the TMNT get the money to buy pizza."

16. Reddit playlist of 30 second clips:

"An hour long playlist of the best 30secs videos as chosen by reddit."

17. @abcd...k email address:

"If you're tired of your email adress go to this website, you can claim your own ridiculously long email adress."