Friday, November 15, 2013

Where to BUY Uranium and other DONGS! (December 13 2011)

"You win by selecting the elements in the correct order. 5 OUT OF 5 by me."

2. Continuity:

"You have to rearrange the puzzle pieces of the game to make it playable."

3. Blosics:

"Shoot balls at bricks to knock them off"


"Use your dead clones to help you through the levels."

5. Koala:

"Use your mouse to discover the pixels that'll reveal the picture."

6. 3D Pong:

"Well... yeah..."

7. All 10-codes:

"10-4 means ok, do you know what the other 98 mean?."

8. Scale of Universe:

"Just check it out, it's pretty awesome."

9. Cube Roll:

"Match the face with the tile to win"


"This guy can't walk, you have to pre-plan the route."

11. Joe Sabia:

"Different kinds of entertainment by this guy."

12. Joe's Mario Slot Machine:

"Collect the character's 3 parts to redeem your prize"

13. Joe's facebook-photo game:

"Interactive game on Facebook, choose your path."

14. Wikipedia article on Bob Lazar:

"The guy who worked at Area 51."

15. United Nuclear:

"A website where you can buy small, legal quantities of radioactive isotopes."

16. Brain Hacks:

"Cool mindhacks like the Pinnochio effect."