Monday, November 18, 2013

DON'T SHOOT THE PUPPY!! .... and more: DONG #23 (March 3 2012)


"This website detects your monitor size and your resolution and renders an accurate ruler on your screen."

2. ShadyURL:

"Freak people out link by sending them normal links made shady."

3. Google "did you mean" generator:

"Generates a pic where google responds as you like."

4. Ice Breaker:

"Plan ahead, and cut carefully as you let chunks of ice loose."

5. Exit Path:

"You have to deathly manage the arrow keys to quickly escape."

6. Realm of the Mad God:

"An incredible MMO."

7. Super Press Space to Win Action RPG:

"Hilarously simplified RPG, the spacebar is the only thing you have to use."

8. Mouse Clicking competition:

"Clicking competition, are you the fastest clicker?."

9. Don't Shoot the Puppy!!!:

"Click start and then DO NOTHING, anything you do kills the puppy."

10. Toon Crisis 2:

"A great blend of live action and animation."

11. Tilt shift VIDEO:

"By carefully manipulating the focus and more, TSP makes real-life scene look like miniatures."

12. Tilt shift maker:

"It gives the effect of the video shown before to any photo you like."

13. Scale of the Universe 2:

"A new version of the last DONG list I uploaded, more info and more stuff!."

14. Negative "Implode":

"Let's you upload any picture and it'll add a visual effect that makes it look like it's moving towards you."

15. Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer:

"Use your mouse to travel throught this trippy space."

16. Jell-o Time:


17. Dialectizer:

"Translates your favorite websites into different dialects."

18. Organ Trail:

"Oregon Trail with ZOMBIES!."

19. Google Fight:

"Let's you enter 2 different words and tells you which one is the winner based on the number of searches."

20. Nuke Map:

"A map that let's you simulate historic nuclear detonations in different places."

21. Drama Button:

"Add some drama to your life."