Friday, November 22, 2013

THE GAME OF LIFE and other DONGs! (May 6 2012)

1. Pull my finger:

"You can... pull his finger."

2. Word Clouds:

"Analyzes a website's text and generates a free word-cloud with font sizes correlating to the frequency of most used words."

3. Awesome Contest:

"The site sets 2 things against each other, and you have to choose which is the most awesome."

4. Un-Hear-It:

"If you have a song stuck in your head, this site will play catchy songs to replace the curren one."

5. TuneGlue:

"Type in a band, then expand it to see other bands related."

6. Music Map:

"You enter a musician's name and other bands orbit them at distance related to how similar their styles are."

7. Site that recognizes your singing or humming:

"Wanna know the name of a song?"

8. Fracuum:

"A series of mazes you continue to shrink down into."

9. Online Game of Life:

"The game itself, it's simply a grid, uses a few deterministic rules..."

10. Mushroom Game of Life:

"... It follows the pattern of Conway's game of life, cellular automatom."

11. Pretentious Game:

"A wonderful interactive poem."

12. I Saw Her Standing There (Zombie Game):

"A game where you play a guy in love... with a Zombie. I know, a lot of zombie games around here."

13. Night of the LOVING dead:

"You play a skeleton who must find his body parts, as you find them you get more powers."

14. Map of the DEAD:

"A global google map that highlights the areas where zombie activity will be highest in case of an outbreak, and strategic points."

15. Z0r:

"A collection of quick looping images."

16. Scale of the Universe:

"Another scale of the universe, you can never have enough."

17. Cosmic Crush:

"Collide with smaller items to grow larger and avoid big celestial objects."

18. Vixolent Interactive shoot out:

"This guy made a pretty cool annotation-based game."


"This other guy made an interactive domino video, you get to choose a direction."

20. Metronomy "The Bay":

"Cool music video promoted by Michael."


"Another sound button. Curious?"