Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SPOT THE FAKE !! -------- DONG (July 4 2011)

1. The Level Game:
"It's really simple at first but you have to be clever."
2. Error Level Analysis: (Not working anymore.)
"This website detects if an image has been photoshopped." (If anyone knows of a similar website, let me know.)
"Jump, slide, survive."
4. ASCII font generator:
"Whatever you type will be converted to a ASCII-type art." Pretty cool.
"Test how fast can you type, at the end it will show you a heat map of what keys are your weakest and which are your strongest."
"A better name for this is '360 music video', you can turn the perspective of what you are watching."
"Think in a character, any character, this guy will figure it out in a few questions."
8. Bars of Black and White:
"Cool game, you're a sad guy who receives a barcode scanner and scan some weird things so you can complete the puzzle."
"This game uses your webcam and inverts it, puts it upside down or something and you have to grab the candy avoiding the pumpkins."