Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun GEEKY Games -- and more! [DONG] (August 27 2011)

1. Pixelblast:

"You control a green pixel and have to destroy the other evil pixels."

2. Birth year:

"The website shows you slowly what happened through that year and other entertaining trivia."


"It's the olympics of geekiness, various fun games."

4. SPORCLE fonts:

"Guess from where are the fonts taken."


"Guess from where are the flags shown."

6. Drag and drop state:

"A lot of activities involved with geography, check it out."


"The countries fall like tetris pieces and it's your job to place them correctly."

8. Dogs:

"You have to guess the breed of the dog shown."

9. Ztype:

"Destroy the enemies by typing the letters on them."

10. Captcha invaders:

"Really similar to Ztype but here you deal with captchas."

11. Retroshoot:

"Have you ever played Geometry Wars, it's basically the same thing."

12. Monotone (ball on bungee):

"Your cursor it's attached to a ball with a string, and you have to save the ball from the falling pieces."

13. Splitter:

"You have to slice things in order to collect all the stars and get to the goal."

14. Gravity guy:

"Your character constantly runs and it's your job to change the gravity so he doesn't fall(?)"

15. 4 second frenzy:

"Awesome game! you change from game to game and you control it using your arrow keys and space bar, you only have 4 secs to complete each one."

16. Car/people manipulation:

"This guy well did somethings with people he recorded from afar but none of his videos exist anymore."

17. Poop machine:

"The cloca machine, turns real food to actual synthetic poop."