Thursday, July 25, 2013

UGLY DANCE -- DONG (September 24 2011)

1. Catmario:

"Cat mario is so difficult, is hilarious."

2. Class 3 Outbreak:

"Let's you unleash a Zombie outbreak anywhere in the world using Google Maps."

3. Draw a Stickman:

"You're asked to draw things in order to complete the story."

4. Ugly Dance:

"You can upload your own photo and place it in a guy dancing, also you can share it with the world."

5. Parasite:

"It's the life of a parasitic creature, is like a classic arcade game with colorful landscapes."

6. Small Worlds:

"Explore this pixelated world with your own pixelated character."

7. Wonder Putt:

"Guide the ball to the hole through this interactive map."

8. MAZE:

"Guide the blue ball to the red ball in this 3d maze."


"You have to change your color by collecting orbs in order to cross certain sections."


"Manipulate a lot of triangles."

11. The Disagreeing Internet:
"No picture for this one, your browser will start to shake."

12. Hacker Typer:

"Do you want to feel like a real hacker? start typing randomly and this site will do the rest."

13. Do nothing for 2 minutes:

"Relax, don't touch your mouse or your keyboard for 2 minutes while listening to the ocean."